Peter Anglea



A full-stack web developer, I fuse creativity with logic to produce not just beautiful code, but also elegant, intuitive user experiences. My work in front-end development, particularly in higher education, has been recognized with multiple industry awards. I’m a technical specialist with an eye for design, and I’m a creative with a knack for back-end coding.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress
  • UI/UX
  • Apache
  • Photoshop
  • Public Speaking


eduStyle logo

The eduStyle Higher-ed Web Awards celebrate the best work in college and university websites. Each year, multiple categories recognize the most innovative and exciting developments in key areas of higher education web development.

In 2013 and 2014, sites on which I collaborated (front-end, back-end, information architecture, user experience design) won a combined haul of 8 awards including both Judged and People’s Choice awards in the categories of Best Home Page, Best Visual Design, Most Innovative, Best Use of Interactive Multimedia or Video, Best Community-Driven Site/Use of Social Media, and Best Prospective Student or Admissions Site.

HighEdWeb logo

HighEdWeb is an organization of professionals working to advance the web at institutions of higher education. Every year, hundreds of web professionals descend on major cities across the United States for an annual conference with speakers from many different schools.

My annual presentations at HighEdWeb from 2012–2015 (4 track sessions and 2 afternoon workshops) were met with high reviews. In 2013, my presentation on Responsive Design Workflow won Best of Conference (out of 70+ presentations at the conference) and Best of Track in the Applications, Integrations, and Mobile conference track. My 2015 presentation on responsive email won Best of Track in the Development, Programming, and Architecture track.

My Work

Since 2011, my web development craft has centered almost entirely around my work in Bob Jones University’s Marketing Communication department. Here are some highlights of my contributions to our team’s award-winning work.

I was involved in redesigning BJU’s flagship site in early 2012 and again in late 2013. My contributions included all front-end and back-end coding, content migration, custom in-house app development, user testing, information architecture, and more. In 2015, the site was awarded Best Home Page in higher education by eduStyle.


Why Choose BJU

This special one-page landing page serves as a destination for many online advertisements and offers prospective students a first glance at the school. My contributions included: all front-end and back-end coding, page layout (in cooperation with the creative director), coordinating with the video team for the background video loop, video script editing, and more. A previous iteration of this site won several eduStyle design awards.


Social Media Newsfeed

To allow for the curation of social media stories, pictures, videos, and more, I developed a custom application which grabbed social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr via public APIs, normalized the JSON data from all sources, stored the data in a database, and allowed for easy content management from a back-end user interface.


Custom Google Calendar API Event System

To save money on third-party calendar systems, I developed the university’s main calendar of events system using the Google Calendar API. A custom back-end was developed to allow Records Office staff to maintain event data with custom fields and supported dragging and dropping with the fullCalendar jQuery plugin. The event data feeds all public event listings on the university’s website.


Interactive Campus Map

BJU’s interactive campus map was launched in 2012 and is built on the Google Maps API. Building information (such as name, description and GPS coordinates) are stored in a database which allows administrators to quickly and easily add or edit map entries and allow users to search and filter campus buildings on the fly.


BJU Brand Guidelines

The BJU Brand website is a custom WordPress template. This websites serves the university family by providing brand assets for download, directions on usage, and answers common questions relating to the use of social media, photos, logos, and more. I converted a designer’s PSD into a fully-functioning, responsive template and coached end users on proper data entry.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I designed and coded my personal website, as well. 😉


22101039612_d1d8648a56_oI believe that the best way to learn is to teach. Therefore, I leap at the opportunity to speak at web conferences, present workshops, and lead training sessions. I love being able to break down a complex situation into simple language (because, let’s face it, nobody likes listening to a nerd rattle off tech jargon).

Demystifying Responsive Email (2015)

This presentation which covered three major hurdles to successful responsive email creation was awarded Best of Track at the 2015 HighEdWeb conference in Milwaukee, WI.

Responsible Responsive (2015)

This 3-hour-long pre-conference workshop at HighEdWeb 2015 in Milwaukee, WI was all about performance. Attendees learned about several things they can do on the server side as well as the front end to boost performance and speed up their websites.

Your Website is the Next Social Medium (2014)

Unlike my past presentations on technical topics such as RWD, this presentation speculated about the future of personalization in higher education marketing (and the web in general) and how developers and copy writers alike might enhance the personalization of their content using social media data and studying user’s behaviors.

Responsive Web Design Workshop (2014)

This 3-hour-long post-conference workshop at HighEdWeb 2014 in Portland, OR was packed out. Web professionals from all over the country in many different jobs (and varying levels of familiarity with RWD) gathered while I presented a firehose of content on 5 topics: Responsive Web Design Basics, Responsive Workflow, Responsive Images, Responsive Performance, and Responsive Email.

The On-Ramp to a Successful Responsive Workflow (2013)

Best of Conference presentation at HighEdWeb 2013 in Buffalo, NY. In this presentation, I described a change management approach I oversaw in my office to move our team into a modern responsive web design workflow.

Zero to Mobile in 3 Weeks Flat (2012)

This presentation described the work the BJU marketing team did in redesigning our university’s website in a matter of weeks. Our first foray in responsive web development (and one of the first schools in higher education to move completely to a responsive design), development was aided by creation of smart CSS grids and frameworks and rapid design/code iteration between designers and the developer (me).